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ARPwave, Anti-Aging

A Fitter, Healthier, Younger You In LESS Than 90 Minutes A Month

At Chiropractic Healing Arts Center, we utilize the patented, FDA Approved, ARPwave System and its proprietary protocols as the tool to vastly increase the range of motion in our clients, while at the same time, eliminating chronic pain permanently, allowing our patients to regain the ability to enjoy physical activities and agility they thought had past them by.

“How Neuromuscular Anti-Aging Works?”
The human muscle contracts at 2 X per second, regardless if you’re a world class athlete, weekend warrior or couch potato. On the ARPwave System, we are able to contract the muscle at 500X per second NEUROLOGICALLY, which flushes blood to the muscles at a rapid pace, and from there we take you through proprietary protocols and simple exercises over a total period of only 15 minutes. In doing this, we are able to train your muscles at high velocity in a very short time with limited movement and in the process eliminate scar tissue and inflammation in areas of your body that have been drastically hindering your ability to perform physical activities at peak levels. You will now have agility, strength, flexibility and range of motion of that of when you were a teenager.

“Who else is using The ARPwave System?”
Some of the world’s top professional athletes trust their multi-million dollar careers to this powerful, proven FDA approved system of peak performance and physical rehabilitation. Just to give you an idea:

→ 650+ NFL Players (current and retired)
→ 250 NHL Players
→ 100+ Major League Baseball Players
→ 200+ NBA Players
→ Numerous PGA, LPGA, European and U.S Soccer players along with 25 Olympic Medalists

Entire teams such as the Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers, Brooklyn Nets, LA Clippers, AC Milan, Manchester United just to name a few.

While the ARPwave System has been the secret weapon for the world’s top pro athletes all over the world for the past 12 years, now, for the first time, it’s being made available to the general public.
With our Neuromuscular Anti-Aging Program you will have the ability to train your body on par with some of the world’s more elite professional athletes WITHOUT the use of harmful drugs, weights or major time commitments. As a matter of fact, each session is 15-20 minutes, SIX SESSIONS A MONTH for a total of 90+/- minutes! Can you handle that?

“What can I expect from the FIRST Neuromuscular Anti-Aging session?”
In your very first session, we can INCREASE your flexibility and range of motion significantly regardless of your current fitness level or age. In addition, we will neurologically identify areas of your body that are dramatically hindering your ability to operate at peak performance in sports and in everyday life. Lastly, we will demonstrate a reduction in chronic pain.

Come see for yourself why the world’s top professional athletes trust their multi-million careers to our system!

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