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AT CHIROPRACTIC HEALING ARTS CENTER we make a commitment to every person we serve; your health and function is our first priority, therefore we go that extra mile to see that you get the service and treatment you need and deserve. In so doing, we explore non-surgical options with you to stop pain and return to optimal function and pain free living. Using advanced, non-invasive treatment methods such as spinal decompression/flexion distraction, ARPwave Therapy, myofascial release, and nutritional counseling, we are able to help you to live a better life with more function and less pain.

Getting treated at Chiropractic Healing Arts Center is often a multidisciplinary experience. As a general rule, we feel that surgery and other more invasive treatment approaches should be reserved for the cases where they are needed: the extreme ones. The average person’s back or joint pain can be resolved with conservative methods that are completely free of the risks and worries of the operating room. Even long-term painkiller use is often overused as a solution to chronic pain. Of course there are cases where surgery and medication is the right decision, but wouldn’t you rather explore the other options first?

At Chiropractic Healing Arts Center, we offer a wide range of non-surgical therapies for chronic/severe pain relief, sports injuries, and physical rehabilitative needs, and it’s all under one roof! Get hurt at work? You’ve come to the right place. Suffering with a chronic athletic injury? We can help. As Maine’s premier corrective care clinic, Chiropractic Healing Arts Center puts the tools for health and wellness at your fingertips.

Every person we see is evaluated separately and taken through an extensive evaluation process to determine the root cause of the problem. It’s no secret that cookie cutter approaches to medicine don’t work; catering to the individual is the only way to get real results. We adhere closely to this philosophy, taking each person’s pain on a case-by-case basis. Suffering and losing sleep over it? We want to help you find lasting relief.

If you are experiencing any of the problems below, we may be able to help you:

  • Neck pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Migraines/headaches

  • Joint pain

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Muscle strain

  • Sprains

  • Sciatica

  • Herniated or bulging spinal discs


The above is in no way a complete list. If you are in pain, contact us right away, and we’ll get you in as soon as we can.

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